literally got my braces off like 2 hours ago. these past 2 years or so have been great. Dr. Nejat and his team are not only qualified and skilled professionals but also polite and friendly. each one of my appointments were clear, quick, and Dr. Nejat never failed to see if I had any questions or concerns. I definitely recommend. I lowkey almost cried seeing how pretty my teeth are now :')

thumb Nayeli M.

  Dr Nejat is wonderful!!! My kids love coming to the orthodontist and seeing Dr Nejat and the staff! We have never waited for our appointment and are always greeted with all the staff so kindly! My younger daughter wants to be a dentist and Dr Nejat is always explaining everything so thoroughly and showing her all the tools and molds and photos!!! I have seen a massive improvement in both my girls bites and Dr Nejat always takes the time to answer all our questions and explains everything! So grateful to have him and his team part
Of our girls care!!!! He also runs fun art contests with his kids too and tries to really engage with his patients! We love it here!

thumb Courtney M.

  We are taking the first steps and getting our sons teeth corrected and also getting new retainers for our daughter. We found Dr. Nejat office. This place is great. It has a totally friendly welcoming vibe. Not old, dirty or smells like a dentist office. They are very clean and take all the steps for protecting everyone. Great for all ages. The crew here is so friendly and professional. Scheduling is easy and you can fill all your paperwork online which makes it easier and faster when going in. Dr Nejat is so awesome and down to earth Doctor. He has all the updated technology and so many options to fit your needs. He really knows what he is doing. He explains everything to you so that you understand what can be done,  what needs to be done and for what you are looking for. Don't waste your time with
Calling around and price checking because once you get to those places you'll realize why they charge the prices they charge. Definitely a 5 star office here. Try it you will thank me later. Your kids will be happy as well.

thumb Melissa K.

  The office is well decorated. I like how they have coffee available for patients while they're waiting. Customer service is great. Keagan is very friendly, and Jaime is very caring. As for Dr. Nejat, I have nothing but great things to say about Dr.Nejat. He's a great orthodontist and a fun person to be around. He's patient and helpful. He'll go the distance to help his patient. I would 100 percent recommend this place.

thumb True N.

  Between my oldest and my second child I consulted with many orthodontists over a number of years.  I'm glad I chose Dr Nejat.  He is phenomenal and he runs his office with a caring and patient staff.  We are always seen within 5 minutes of our appt time and Dr Nejat addresses all of my concerns respectfully, even though my OCD nature has been known to drive others crazy.

My daughter had a small mouth with big teeth growing in.  A bunch of my friends had spent 10k+ putting their kids in expanders so I figured this is what we needed to do.  Nope.  Dr Nejat said the simple, basic braces will do just fine.  I didn't believe him and kept asking questions.  He convinced me with a computer graphics model of how my daughter's teeth would move.  We proceeded with the braces and literally within hours my daughter's crowded teeth, some that would not grow all the way out due to lack of space began correcting.  At one month teeth looked amazing but she kept them on for two years to set and fine tune as she grows.  She just had her last adjustment and will be removing soon.  Now she has the most confident smile and is very pleased with her perfect teeth.  

Dr Nejat is smart, knowledgeable, and has a passion for what he does.  Add to that the most wonderful and flexible staff (love you Rosario) and the best prices in town I can't think of a reason to go anywhere else.

thumb Leanne K.

  Dr. Nejat is extremely knowledgable on all levels of Orthodontics/Dentistry. His office is immaculate office with state of the art technology. Made me feel extremely comfortable by explaining in detail all processes of his procedures not to mention the staff is super friendly as well! Would absolutely recommend him to all.

thumb Arash K.

  The first point of contact with a doctor's office is so important and Rosario, Dr. Nejat's office manager, is absolutely wonderful! She always welcomes us with a kind greeting, making my children feel comfortable and welcome. The office is clean, comfortable and Dr. Nejat runs on time!

Dr. Nejat makes my daughter feel comfortable and always answers my questions fully and kindly. He was highly recommended and now I see why!

thumb K H.

  Doctor Nejat is my favorite doctor of all time. He takes the time to help you understand everything, and takes his patients' comfort as top priority. He and his staff make every experience in the office a wonderful and positive one! You always feel comfortable and excited for your appointment! Amazing results from amazing people!:)

thumb Krista C.

  Dr. Nejat and his staff have been extremely friendly and helpful. When we first met a year ago, my then 13 year old was very nervous and we had been told by another orthodontist that he might need a jaw surgery. Dr. Nejat was great at explaining all he does and what comes next and what is expected of the patient. With his encouragements, my son is much less nervous going to his appointments and well on his way of having perfect bite and teeth.
The office manager Rosario has been an angel in giving us the appointments in the time that works for us and answering any questions we have regarding insurance and payments.
We recommend Dr. Nejat %100.

thumb Camelia B.

  Dr Nejat and his stuff are very friendly and accommodating. My son has his orthodontic work done and I got my night guard. They are professional, skillful and working hard for customers satisfaction. I would highly recommend them for your need.

thumb Donghui Y.

    positive review  Take care and explain the problem very well. Excellent hospitality by staffs.

    Anis Arockiaraj Avatar Anis Arockiaraj
    February 19, 2020

    positive review  Nice, clean, happy staff. Get your teeth fixed here. Really nice Dr who understands.

    Laurie Eldridge Avatar Laurie Eldridge
    November 9, 2018

    positive review  When I was ready for braces I searched for an excellent orthodontist with fair prices. This office is hip and not only adult friendly but kid friendly too. Meeting Dr. Nejat, talking and learning his honest opinion about my teeth, I knew this was an office I could commit to for a couple years of treatment. He was so easy to get along with and such a down to earth guy! My schedule is very sporadic and because every month I needed to make a trip into the office for tightening or band changes, I was hoping somehow he could be flexible enough to fit me in last minute and outside his normal hours, because quite frankly I couldn’t always come in during his working days. Dr. Nejat was so courteous and flexible with me. He accommodated me during my entire treatment so I could stay up to schedule and be able to come in, even on his days off!!! Once my braces were taken off, the moment of truth arrived, were me teeth perfect? They were flawless, beyond amazing. I got my perfect smile. I got a clear Invisalign style retainer that when worn, no one can see. He threw in a celebratory whitening tray as a parting gift. I no longer have to drive to Saratoga once a month for treatment and I kinda miss visiting the office already. Yes. Recommended!

    Kirsten Coy Avatar Kirsten Coy
    July 14, 2018

    positive review  I was pleasantly surprised when I went to see Dr. Nejat. The stylish decor, cleanliness of the facility, and the friendly staff really took me a back. Dr. Nejat is very observant and took the time to explain all aspects of the treatment and answer my questions. I would highly recommend Dr. Nejat for all your braces or invisalign needs.

    Giri Chelian Avatar Giri Chelian
    June 6, 2018

    positive review  I visited several places to get braces, and finally I got lucky by checking out Nejat Orthodontics. Very kind and friendly people, and they provide a great service with the best prices that you can ever get. Thank you so much guys

    Ali Mohammed Avatar Ali Mohammed
    November 1, 2016

    positive review  Nejat orthodontics is a place you want to be! I wish they were open more days of the week so I could just go hang out there haha The staff is quite a team. I enjoy myself every time I am there and I'm glad to be seen by people who genuinely care about my well being. Highly recommend!!

    Brianna Michelle Cisneros Avatar Brianna Michelle Cisneros
    February 19, 2016