Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone in Saratoga deserves affordable treatment with Invisalign or Braces. At Nejat Orthodontics, our professional team is here to welcome you and provide the best possible orthodontic care throughout the course of your treatment. We look forward to working with you through your journey towards a beautiful and healthy smile!

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Nejat grew up in Saratoga, California. He studied Computer Science at UC Berkeley and graduated with multiple honors and a Deans Medal Nomination. He received his doctorate degree in dentistry at UC San Francisco, where he completed coursework with honors and participated in various dental engineering projects. He then went on to pursue postdoctoral education in the specialty of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Dr. Nejat is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and remains active in dental research and continued dental education courses. He always strives to provide his patients with top orthodontic care using the most advanced technology and procedures available in the field.

  • Invisalign aligners are a modern
    solution that are customized to fit
    individual tooth making it tooth
    Invisalign are invisible, comfort
    able aligners that are made witht
    3D computer technology.
  • Wear for only 5 minutes per day.
    High frequency vibration aligner seater,
    gradual ramp up to full vibration frequency
    and an intuitive light notifications make for
    easy operation.
  • Small and precise digital scanning
    wand eliminates the need for goopy,
    messy, and uncomfortable
    3D scanning in full color, with treatment
    simulation capabilities.
  • The “tooth-colored” material makes
    these braces almost invisible.
    Ceramic Braces are made of a clear
    composite material such as plastic,
    Ceramic, Porcelain or a combination of
  • Braces are worn in cases where
    patients suffer from misaligned teeth,
    jaw discrepancies, unnecessary spaces
    between teeth.
    A typical brace consists of brackets,
    wires, and elastic bands.

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