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Virtual Orthodontic Consultation

Get started on your path to a perfect smile in the comfort of your home! Here are instructions on how to take pictures of your teeth on your own to send to us for Treatment & Financing options.

Follow these simple steps for your FREE Virtual Smile Consultation:

Step 1. Taking Your Pictures:

Facial Photos:

  1. Face forward with no smile.
  2. Same position but with a big smile
  3. Turn to your left with no smile

Now let’s take some pictures of your teeth! This is where you will need your two spoons!

4. Center: With a spoon in each cheek, pull the spoons back and out as wide as possible while biting down all the way on your back molars, making sure your hands are out of the picture.

5. Right: Using the right spoon, continue to bite down on your back molars and pull your right cheek all the way out and be sure to capture as many back teeth as possible.

6. Left: Now let’s do the same for the left side.

7. Upper: Tilt your head back and open as wide as possible using the camera angle from down below. With both spoons, pull lips & cheeks apart while angling your head up and take a picture from below.

8. Upper: Tilt your head down and open as wide as possible using the camera angle from up above. With both spoons, pull lips & cheeks apart while angling your head down and take a picture from above.

See the picture collage above for examples on what to send us. Do the best that you can and we will work with the photos that you send us. If you have any specific areas that bother you, please send us pictures of these areas as well. Please note that the face pictures are optional.

Step 2. Sending Your Pictures:

You can send your photos to or text them to 408-595-3246. Please include your first name, last name, and phone number when you message us 🙂

Step 3. Dr. Evaluates Your Smile:

Dr. will evaluate your photos and create a tentative orthodontic treatment plan.

Step 4. Treatment & Financial Options:

Your treatment coordinator will contact you to discuss Dr. findings and help you with a financial plan that makes your treatment as affordable as possible.

Step 5. Important:

Please note the diagnosis is not official until Dr. reviews your X-rays and evaluates your teeth in person.

Step 6: Questions:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text or email us. We can’t wait to help you Smile with Confidence!

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