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Propel Orthodontics – Fast Invisalign and Braces in Saratoga CA

Propel Orthodontics provides innovative techniques to improve the quality and pace of your orthodontic treatment. They have a variety of new cutting edge technology that will help patients who are under treatment to have their teeth shifted, accommodate and promote bone growth, alleviate pain during bone growth to cover unwanted spaces, and heal the tissue much faster.

Propel Orthodontics can be used while patients are wearing dental appliances such as Invisalign, braces, and aligners.

Why do we recommend Propel Orthodontics?

With easy-to-use and time-saving devices, Propel Orthodontics uses procedures that with help orthodontic systems such as Invisalign and braces to work more efficiently. This will help to achieve faster results and lessen the period of treatment.

Propel Orthodontics recently launched their latest procedure known as Alveocentesis. Shifting of teeth and healing of tissues generally takes time in adult patients. This procedure will help to stimulate both growths of the Alveolar bone in order to align the teeth faster.

Hence, Propel Orthodontics will help to pace up healing of the gum, tissues, and shifting of the teeth in order to achieve a healthy smile.

What can you expect from Propel Orthodontics?

With the help of this novel advancement in the field of Orthodontics, patients can expect the following:

  • Accelerates shifting of the teeth faster by up to 50 percent.
  • Quicker healing of gums and oral tissues.
  • Promotes the development of Alveolar bone.
  • Enhances process of Orthodontic treatment.

What products do we use to enhance Propel Orthodontics?

Propel Orthodontics uses a procedure called MOP, also known as Micro-Osteoperforation. This will help to stimulate the patient’s inflammatory response resulting in faster remodeling of the bone and accelerating tooth movement. Here are some of the devices that perform MOP.


PROPELVPro5 is a high-frequency orthodontic vibration device. It is used throughout the course of orthodontic treatment. The device is required to be worn only for five minutes in a day, but can be worn for longer periods of time to increase it’s effectiveness. This is to ensure that your aligners are fully engaged and properly seated.


EXCELLERATOR PT is an orthodontic device dedicated to performing MOP. It consists of a powered hand-piece with a charging point, ahead attachment, and single-application stainless tips. It has a uniquely configured cordless torque driver. The driver is comfortable and easy to use.

Some of the features of EXCELLERATOR PT are:

  • Hi-tech design.
  • Comfortable use allowing multiple applications.
  • Provides efficient torque speed for maximum results.
  • The surgical stainless tip ensures strength and integrity.


EXCELLERATOR RT works the same way as the above. The advantage of EXCELLERATOR RT is that it consists of re-usable surgical stainless tips and drivers.

Some of the features of EXCELLERATOR RT are:

  • Disposable tips with enhanced clinical accessibility.
  • Enlarged handles with grip texture to improve stability and control.
  • Handles are re-usable.