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Our Technology

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Our Technology

We strive to ensure that our patients receive the best possible orthodontic care using the latest advancements in technology. In order to make orthodontic treatment more convenient for our patients, we invest in technology that saves time both in the office and while our patients are going about their daily lives.

Below are some of the tools that we have invested in to improve our patient experience:

iTtero Digital Impressions

This is a diagnostic tool dedicated to taking digital impressions of the teeth. It is a quick scanning machine that will take images of the teeth without having to wait for a goopy impression or spend and extended amount of time with their mouths wide open. The tool is designed to ensure that patients are comfortable with quick results.

KODAC 800C Digital X-ray

The advantage of digital X-rays is that it largely reduces a wide spectrum of radiation that is generally experienced in the case of a normal X-ray. This technology allows patients to attain the results faster and view their X-rays on computer screens. Taking Digital X-rays saves a lot of time and waiting hours. The new trend is also known to be bio-friendly eliminating the need for X-ray films.

Edge Imaging

Edge Imaging involves the use of dental microscopes. This tool allows for Dr. Nejat to have a close-up look into the tiny deformities of the tooth. An orthodontist will generally use a surgical microscope to accurately analyze miniature fractures and cracks. With the help of illumination and magnification, Dr. Nejat can rule out inaccurate treatment plans.

Ortho II Edge Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

A new technique has been introduced to quickly and easily access patient information with the help of Ortho II Edge Electronic Medical Records. With Ortho II, the team at Nejat Orthodontics can accurately keep our patients’ information confidential while tracking and recording their progress through treatment.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

A very comfortable pair of headphones has been introduced at our facility that allows patients to wear them without having to be aware of their surroundings. These headphones can be used to listen to music or television show.

Digital Flat Screen Monitors

We provide our patients with the liberty to enjoy entertainment while the procedure is going on. We have digital monitors in every procedure room allowing patients to have a comfortable experience while undergoing any procedure.