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Orthodontics For Children

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Orthodontics for Children in Saratoga CA

Dr. Nejat offers orthodontic consultations for children ages 7 and up. Parents are advised to bring their children to an orthodontist for a consult in order to rectify and correct dental abnormalities. Children may have altered growth of their teeth and jawbones leading to crossbites, misalignments, and over-crowding of the teeth.

Why do we recommend early treatment?

Studies have proven that patients who get orthodontic treatment earlier in their lives benefit from having to undergo less dental treatment in the future. It is at the early age of seven that children start to obtain their permanent molars and incisors. Hence, while undertaking orthodontic treatment, orthodontists will be able to evaluate crossbites, crowding of teeth, permanent tooth extractions, dental cavities, and other dental problems.

How do I know if my child needs orthodontic treatment?

Most parents do not recognize the need to consult an orthodontist for their children when they are still young. But, here are some of the signs that will help parents realize if their children need a consultation.

  • Difficulty to bite or chew food.
  • Early loss of the baby tooth.
  • Developing thumb sucking habits.
  • Overcrowding of teeth.
  • Misalignment in the growth of the teeth.
  • Unproportioned jaws and teeth.
  • Sounds while opening and closing the mouth.

How will my child benefit from early treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment will enable your child to develop healthy gums and teeth for a better smile. Some of the benefits of early treatment are:

  • Jawbone corrections: Promote and initiate accurate growth of the jawbone. This will develop the proper growth of the permanent set of teeth.
  • Teeth: Develop more amount of space for preventing crowding of the teeth. As it will promote a regular alignment of the upper and lower arches, this will lower the risk of protruded teeth.
  • Facial appearance: It is known that crossbites can lead to asymmetric facial growth. Early treatment can go a long way to benefit your child, facial appearance is key. While undergoing orthodontic care, your child’s facial appearance is bound to benefit preventing any flaws in the lower facial structure.
  • Extractions: As early dental care will prevent dental cavities, your child will certainly avoid the chances of tooth extractions in the future.