Welcome to our office! At Nejat Orthodontics, we firmly believe that a smile has no limits. A smile builds confidence and breaks down barriers. A smile overcomes obstacles, faces challenges head-on, and accomplishes the impossible. A smile wins.

Our passion for orthodontics, as you might guess, runs deep. We genuinely love watching our patients transform through their smiles into confident individuals ready to take on the world.


“To give our patients all the advantages of a more beautiful smile, while using technically advanced orthodontics in an affordable, enjoyable environment. ”

QUALITY We offer our patients with delicate care and services. Quality healthcare is an inevitable part of our service.

TEAM EFFORT We believe teamwork is essential for a success. Our team strives for patient satisfaction every day.

PERSONALISED CARE Our patients receive a personalized assessment at every visit to ensure that the required changes to their treatment are recognized and implemented at the earliest.

MAINTAINING STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE We incorporate effective and up-to-date advancement in the field of dentistry at our practice to keep on par with dental care across the globe.

PERSONALIZED SERVICE We greatly enjoy getting to know our patients on a professional and personal level. We love keeping our patients engaged in their orthodontic treatment with a rewards program and regular drawings for prizes. We believe that this level of patient care produces the best results.