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Are you looking for more information about braces near Los Gatos, CA? At Nejat Orthodontics we have a multitude of awesome treatment options that will surely suit patients with diverse goals. Working in collaboration with Dr. Nejat, we can create a plan that will have you seeing results in no time. Nejat Orthodontics offers modern care at an affordable price. When you are seeking braces near Los Gatos, CA there are important things to keep in mind.

Interested in Braces?

Orthodontic CareLet’s break down why braces are an integral part of orthodontics. Orthodontics is a specialized area within the field of dentistry. Orthodontists not only have general dentistry training under their belts, but they also spend additional time in a residency program to further develop their knowledge. Dr. Nejat is trained to focus on treating patients who have malocclusions, or imperfections in the alignment of the teeth and jaw.

In order to help patients reach their treatment goals, we offer several dental appliances that will gradually bring the teeth and jawbones into proper alignment. Braces are the most commonly used dental hardware which treats patients experiencing a number of complications. Now more sleek than ever before, orthodontic material has come a long way. Today, braces are designed to move teeth effortlessly with minimal intrusion regarding patient’s lives.

Treatment Options in Los Gatos, CA

Braces in Los Gatos, CA have never been better. Today, Nejat Orthodontics offers everything from traditional orthodontic care, to sleek aligners! Traditional braces have been met with modern desires to create ceramic braces that effectively straighten teeth and align jaws in a much more subtle fashion. We also offer self-ligating braces which are oftentimes another more aesthetically pleasing form of orthodontic care. Sliding brackets provide an enhanced appearance and effective way to combat issues. Of course, we still utilize colorful elastic bands to truly personalize your appearance with braces. Furthermore, we now offer Propel VPro5 which actively stimulates bone growth and stimulates treatment time. This can actually shorten the process of treatment with braces by up to 50%. By always seeking to advance our methods of care, Nejat Orthodontics is proud to always offer cutting edge care to our great patients.

Learn More About Braces Near Los Gato, CA

If you are considering treatment with braces, it is never too late to get underway. No matter what age you are, Dr. Nejat has a solution that will work for your life. Orthodontics can drastically improve your outer appearance as well as the way you feel about yourself. Nejat Orthodontics provides braces near Los Gatos, CA as well as other forms of treatment. To learn more about our great practice and how we may be able to help you, contact Nejat Orthodontics today and schedule a free consultation!

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